Daily Archives: January 3, 2010

Where do Sharps Go and What About All Those Dying Frogs?

Before the nurse discharges me, she shows me how to administer shots of Lovenox subcutaneously. “What’s it for?” “To prevent blot clots. Squeeze a small mound of belly flesh, gently insert the needle, slowly depress the syringe. Do it twice a day for the next 10 days.” She hands me the Lovenox kit. It is a box decorated with the faces of people over fifty. They smile against a background of butter yellow and baby blue – peaceful colors, calm colors, colors that say “Your blood will not clot, you will not have a post-surgery stroke.” Inside the box are multiple prefilled syringes and a red plastic container, a “sharps” depository, where I am supposed to put the used syringes. Then what?

Where Do Sharps Go?