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Where does it come from?

I cannot wait to hear from the surgeon’s office – I call them myself. “I’m sorry, I cannot make an appointment for you right now. I have to wait until the surgeon’s schedule clears up.”
I am inclined to panic. Suddenly I want all the afflicted organs out NOW. This is not an available alternative. Instead I do research. Who gets cancer? Why? What about the genetic component?

The Genetic Component

Who passed it on?

The Vaudevillian

Who left my mother’s mother, bereft?

The Pharmacist

Who died too young, so my mother’s mother’s mother had to fend for herself; when her hot dog failed, she suffered the humiliation of being on welfare.


Who, swooped up by the romance of the stage, fell for the Vaudevillian, gave birth to my mother, divorced the vaudevillian and died young.

The River Merchant

My father’s mother’s father, a pious Jew relegated to the Pale on the Dnieper’s Right Bank. He found freedom on the river, but kept his daughter under lock and key.

The Handy Grandma

Who fled to America to escape the river merchant’s prison. She survived colon cancer and lived well into her 80’s.

The Socialist

Who married the Ukrainian escapee, gave her two sons, then died at 21 during the Spanish flu epidemic.

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